Isola is a VR experience that takes place in a fantasy world consisting of many floating islands. Special pieces representing forgotten dreams are scattered in the space. The player sails in Isola with a companion bird and has to find his or her lost pieces to become complete again. In the game, the player is located on a little voyager and starts from an ice land. During the journey, the player is able to collect little pieces of star and place them on a stone table. The player is also able to touch and interact with the bird.

After all the star pieces collected, the bird hovers around these pieces to indicate the player to combine them together.

At the end of the journey, lightning clouds cover the sky and make the world turn from bright to dark. After reaching an ocean land, the player holds two pieces of the star with two hands and combined them in the air.

Suddenly, the combined star transfers into a ring that falls down on the stone table. Cued by the bird, the player picks the ring up and throws the ring in to sky which attracts a group of magic fish swimming around the voyager.

This project explores using a little bird which is a non-playable companion character to diegetically inform the player how to interact within a virtual space?

Plot Development


The player enters into the world of Isola. A little bird gives greetings and signals the player to follow her to the voyager station

Sailing in the Sky

They are sailing in the air surrounded by many floating islands. The player picks up star pierces and put them on a stone table.

Completing the Star

The player combines two pieces of star collected. As these two pieces become a whole, a light brightens the dark sky.

Pick the Ring Up

As the star rises up, A ring falls down from clouds and hits on the stone table in front of the player. The bird tells the player to pick the ring up.

Throwing the Ring

Cued by the bird, the player throws the ring into the sky. Two fish jump into the sky from both sides of the voyager and hit the ring with their heads.




The work is done using Blender and Unity. Target platform is HTC Vive.

Role in the Project

This project is a collaborative effort. Lyric is an awesome designer and contributed a lot in story design and made the world alive using colors and curves. I shared some of the burden in design and modeling, and was responsible for the development.